Case-Study #1 One Hundred Extra Leads per month

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Customer Data.

  • IT Company, located in Scandinavia
  • 30+ Employees
  • Target audience is USA & (West) Europe
  • Between 8 and 12 new clients per month
  • Customer LTV (life-time value) approx. €50K

Customer’s Pain Complaints

  • Acquisition exists solely out of inbound emails/phone calls & a small sales team with in total approx. 35 new leads per month in the pipeline
  • Inbound conversion is less than 20% and sales team conversion (4 pax) is less then 30%
  • Marketing & Sales performances decrease due to rising competition, while new internal online strategies demand for higher budget

SuperNova’s Analysis

  • There is little to no active lead generation, therefore client acquisition is very limited
  • Passive sales process (inbound) is non-significant and Active sales process (4 pax sales team) has low R.O.I.
  • Attracting internal specialists is too slow & expensive to keep up with the pace of the development necessary solutions


  • SuperNova™ Network served the company with external lead generation strategy & consultation, resulting in over 100 high quality leads per month
  • The energy intensive workload of lead segmentation, informing & nurturing lowered due to a partially automated Passive sales process (inbound) and partially automated Active sales process (sales team). The workload shifted towards closing deals, resulting in higher conversion rates and specialisation within the sales team.
  • The client continued delegating other sales & marketing tasks to SuperNova™ Network, lowering it’s costs & increasing sales performance drastically. One example was presenting it’s story & offer more clear & powerful to clients using animated video, making them take action more quickly & easy.


  • SuperNova™ Strategy Consultation + Flow Design
  • SuperNova Network Lead Generation
  • SuperNova™ Email Automation (basic)
  • SuperNova™ Animated Video (1 video)


  • 286% increase in amount of leads
  • Decrease in sales & marketing costs (exact amount unknown, but confirmed by client – probably between 10% and 20%)
  • Increase in clarity, focus, specialization and quality of work environment for sales team (4pax)
  • 33% increase in sales conversion
  • Lot’s of compliments for the positive enhancement of approach to potential customers and their experience as a client
  • Later on, the company attracted 2 more sales agents to be able to close more clients

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